Watch: IDF surveillance spots Hezbollah activity on Lebanon border

Here's a glimpse into the work of the IDF's Combat Intelligence Corps, which is in charge of collecting information from behind enemy lines.
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The IDF's Combat Intelligence Corps is in charge of collecting real-time security information from behind enemy lines. Even the chilling cold of the last few nights didn't stop the 869 Northern Command Battalion troops from positioning themselves inside a cleverly-camouflaged outpost on the muddy ground and setting up their advanced surveillance equipment.

As a newly released video shows, it was well worth it. In one footage, two armed members of the Hezbollah terror organization can be seen trying to smuggle goods through the Lebanese border. In another, two others were spotted collecting intelligence while disguised as shepherds.  

Lt. Col. Nir Mesilati, the Battalion Commander, says, "We see a lot of Hezbollah activity here. They are usually dressed in civilian clothing, disguised as tourists, shepherds or hunters."

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