Watch: IDF eliminates 4 ISIS-affiliated terrorists in November

Last November, an IDF tank eliminated four terrorists from an organization affiliated with ISIS after they fired gunshots at IDF soldiers. Today, the footage of the elimination was released.
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About four months ago, terrorists from Syria fired gunshots at IDF soldiers in the Golan Heights. Today (Thursday), the footage of the incident was released. The video of the incident shows the powerful explosion that Israel’s response caused. The four terrorists, who were in a car equipped with a heavy machine gun, were eliminated and the car was destroyed within seconds. The terrorists belonged to an organization that is affiliated with ISIS.

The incident happened on the morning of November 27, 2016, when Golani soldiers were operating along the Israeli-Syrian border. The terrorists fired gunshots at them and even launched a mortar shell toward them.

At the same moment, soldiers from the 188th Armored Brigade’s 74th Battalion were in the area conducting a routine mission. The commander of the tank understood quickly that he had to act fast due to the seriousness of the attack. The Armored Corps praised the commander’s quick reaction: “He took the initiative, quickly reacted, found a position and fired at the compound where the terrorists were.”

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