Watch: IDF simulates demolition of terrorists’ homes during disturbances

Last week, the IDF West Bank Division simulated the demolition of terrorists’ homes in a Palestinian village, while dealing with the various challenges that may occur during the operation.
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Last week, the IDF Mechanical Engineering Equipment Company of the West Bank Division performed a military exercise in which they had to simulate the demolition of terrorists’ homes. During the exercise, the soldiers were required to enter a simulated Palestinian village and deal with various threats and challenges that may occur on the scene.

Every day, a different platoon practiced the possible scenarios that may occur during the demolition of the home. In the footage, it’s seen how heavy engineering equipment is used to demolish homes in a village specifically created for this purpose, while in the background masked individuals throw rocks at the forces.

“We’re ready and prepared for any scenario and any mission,” stated the Company Commander. “We will continue to operate in order to prevent terrorist activities in the area and secure the safety of the residents in any way possible.”

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