Watch: Advanced IDF APC tested in difficult terrain

The Israeli Defense Ministry and IDF recently carried out a series of trials to test the new APC that is in the advanced stages of its development. The trials were conducted in northern and southern Israel.
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The Israeli Defense Ministry released on Sunday the footage of trials that were carried out using the IDF’s new armored personnel carrier (APC), which is in the advanced stages of its development.

The Defense Ministry’s Tank Administration conducted the trials over the past few days in coordination with the IDF. The trials tested the APC’s ability to deal with difficult terrain. The trials were conducted in IDF training bases in the Golan Heights and southern Israel.

Photo Credit: The Israeli Defense Ministry’s Tank Administration/Channel 2 News

The Defense Ministry stated that the APC, dubbed Eitan, is a very advanced APC with various capabilities in the battlefield. The Eitan will be the most advanced and protected wheeled APC in the world. The Eitan APCs will have an active defense system, similar to the defense system on the Namer APC, and other special defense systems.

The major advantages of the Eitan APCs are that they can deal with the different and difficult terrain of the various battle zones and travel on roads, meaning that they do not need a special military truck to carry them.

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