Thousands of teenagers watch impressive artillery show

Tens of thousands of Israeli teenagers are watching an impressive artillery display put on by the IDF. The program in which the high schools students are participating is aimed at encouraging them to have a meaningful service in the IDF.
Photo Credit: The Israeli Defense Ministry/Channel 2 News

Today (Thursday), about 40,000 teenagers from over 450 schools across the country began the distinguished program of the Defense Ministry’s social and security division that is aimed at encouraging Israel’s youth to enlist into the IDF. The highlight of the program is the artillery display in the Golan Heights.

The artillery show is put on by several of the IDF’s divisions including the Infantry Corps, Armored Corps and Teleprocessing Corps. The program began 12 years ago but this is the first time that the Defense Ministry has allowed the artillery show to be broadcasted live.

The program is conducted every year in order to encourage Israel’s youth to enlist into the IDF and serve in meaningful positions. During the program, the students tour specific sites in the Golan Heights that hold significant meaning to the IDF. They also meet with veteran combat soldiers as well as current combat soldiers.  

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