Watch: Israel unveils new technology designed to rescue injured soldiers from enemy territory

The unmanned aerial vehicle can currently carry only one injured soldier, but the IAI plans to continue to develop the technology so that multiple soldiers can be evacuated by the aircraft.
The new unmanned helicopter the IAF is deploying. Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israel Aerospace Industries has designed an innovative unmanned aircraft that can rescue an
injured soldier from the battlefield. The “Air Hoover” helicopter was unveiled at a conference
held by the “Cat” 669 Alumni group.


“The battlefield is changing. Forces stay a considerable amount of time in enemy territory, far
away from the state’s borders. It’s hard to get to them if some are injured and there are also
threats of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, and by reaching the soldiers who were hurt, the
force’s location can be revealed,” Lihai Katz, IAI’s project manager of unmanned helicopters
system, told Hadashot news.
While the current model can only carry one soldier, the IAI is planning to further develop the
aircraft and technology so that multiple soldiers can be evacuated to a safe location by the

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