Watch: Israeli Air Force builds escape room for training soldiers

The Israeli Air Force has brought the latest global trend to its technical wing’s training base. This week, the IAF’s first escape room was opened. The room teaches the soldiers how to use the material they have learned in their 10-week training course.

Watch: The IAF's first escape room

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Israeli Air Force officials realized that their teaching methods should constantly change in accordance with the advanced modernization in the world. In order to decipher the best way to challenge and teach the new IAF members, a team composed of officers and soldiers was established. The team members went to several different civilian escape rooms throughout Israel and gathered ideas for building the first IAF escape room.

The escape room was officially opened this week at the IAF technical wing’s training base. Its purpose is to be an effective and alternative learning tool that will help the soldiers understand the material they have learned throughout the training course in a practical way. According to the team, the escape room was designed to train the soldiers to work under pressure and as a team. In addition, the room challenges the soldiers with real-life situations that they will face when they finish their training at the base.

Israeli Air Force style escape room Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

The unique experience is a somewhat of a final test that is given to the soldiers in their last week of the 10-week training course. Just like civilian escape rooms, the IAF escape room is equipped with cameras that document every moment and officers monitor the group of soldiers in the escape room throughout the whole exercise.

The room is made up of five phases. In the first phase, the soldiers watch a video clip of the squadron commander talking about the great importance of speed and professionalism in their job. The soldiers then need to identify and fix the problems with the plane by using the tools available to them. This is how they get the key to the next room.

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