Watch: Lone soldier shocked when her mother shows up at graduation ceremony

Irina Steingart couldn't contain her happiness when her mother, who lives in Ukraine, showed up during her police graduation ceremony.
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Irina Steingart, a lone soldier from Ukraine serving as a police officer, was utterly surprised when her mother walked in the door during her graduation ceremony.

The plan was put together by Irina's boyfriend, Hagai. "She came to Israel for the army," he told Channel 2 News. "She had told me it was going to be hard for her at the graduation ceremony because everyone's families were going to be there, and she would be alone."

"I told her I would come, and then she saw not just me, but my entire family," Hagai said.

But the real surprise was still to come. "Her commander called her onto the stage and told her that her boyfriend had prepared a surprise for her," he said. "Everyone was anxious and didn't know what was going on, and then I came in with her mother and Irina cried from happiness."

"Her mother had come to Israel for short visits in the past," Hagai added, "but Irina never expected her to show up there out of nowhere."

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