New footage of Palestinian police clashing with soldiers after undercover IDF commandos exposed

New footage reveals the tense moments in which IDF forces, who were dispatched in order to rescue the exposed undercover Duvdevan soldiers in Nablus, clashed with the Palestinian police officers who had detained them.

IDF clash with Palestinian police after undercover commandos exposed

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After an IDF undercover force was exposed yesterday (Saturday) while conducting operational activities in Nablus, new footage of the Duvdevan soldiers was released today. In the footage, the rescue force commanders are seen outside of the Palestinian police station clashing with local security personnel following the arrest of the two undercover Duvdevan soldiers.

As reported yesterday by JOL, large numbers of IDF forces were dispatched to the scene closing off the area in an attempt to save the commandos. Palestinian youths began rioting and threw rocks at the IDF forces. In the footage, one of the IDF soldiers from the rescue force is heard warning: “The entire army will come here, all of the helicopters. There will be a war here.” Meanwhile, the Duvdevan elite soldiers were detained in a Palestinian police station.

Rescuing the Duvdevan soldiers in Nablus yesterday Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Later in the footage, Palestinians are heard responding to the IDF soldiers, saying that they refuse to return the rifles back to the exposed soldiers. “How can we give you the rifle? Who are you for us to give you the rifle?” Shortly afterwards, one of the IDF rescue personnel was heard explaining to the rest of the soldiers regarding the dramatic situation in the heart of the Palestinian city: “Rocks were thrown here. We need to make sure that there is cover,” the soldier stated. “Our mission is to leave here, fold out of the guard post and disengage.”

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