Weekend Edition: Border Police trained in self-defense and first aid

As part of the recent wave of terror, many stabbing and shooting attacks at military checkpoints are specifically aimed at IDF Border Police soldiers who are posted there. In a special training program, the soldiers learn and practice how to respond quickly and efficiently.
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Following the last wave of terror, the Israeli Border Police did not wait for a report or lessons learned before training their policemen how to deal with terrorists with knives. They are already using the scenarios to prepare their policemen on how to defend themselves. During this officer's training, soldiers are taught how to conduct an ID check. The policewoman orders the Palestinian to back away, turn around – distancing herself from a possible attacker.

This reenacted an actual incident on October 10th when a terrorist sat next to soldiers near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. After a soldier asked him to produce his ID card, he proceeded to stab him in the neck. One instructor explains, "You may not always be able to draw your weapon, so you must be ready to use your hands. They will aim for exposed areas -- your neck and head."

They also learn how to react to an attack while on patrol in a narrow alley. This is considered a very important exercise for them and asked to repeat it. There's also the scenario of the street salesman ready to attack. Superintendent Lior Cohen explains, "Our challenge is that we check people up close for ID cards which presents a danger -- the terrorist is close and easily able to attack us."

A year ago, the Commander in charge of the Border Police, Amos Yaakov, ordered instructions in self defense and first aid for all policemen. Since the immediate care in the field could save lives, they receive an extensive course in first aid. "If the person is bleeding profusely, press on the wound. If there is a knife in the wound, do not take it out," explains Sagiv Balyuga, the instructor. "It is very, very important to speak to him, maintain eye contact and calm him down until the paramedics arrive." The training in first aid and self defense is vital to saving lives.

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