Women’s Boat to Gaza to be intercepted this evening; 15 women aboard

The boat destined for Gaza, which is carrying 15 pro-Palestinian women, has already breached the 100-nautical mile limit from the Gaza coast. However, the Israeli Navy is expected to intercept the boat only in the evening, when it is relatively close to the coast.
The preparations in Gaza Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Zaytouna-Oliva, which is being used by the Women’s Boat to Gaza group, continues to make its way to Gaza today (Wednesday). The organization claims that its goal is to break the naval blockade that Israel is imposing on the Gaza Strip. At the moment, the boat is about 60 kilometers (approximately 37 miles) from the Israeli coast. The Israeli Navy has allowed the boat to breach the 100-nautical mile limit from Gaza and is expected to intercept it when it is relatively close to the coast.  

The women, none of whom are Israeli, continue to update their social media followers from the boat. However, their live transmissions were occasionally cut off due to mysterious reasons. “We will not give up and never stop,” wrote one of the women in a Facebook post. “What will happen in the next few hours? We are waiting to find out.”

The preparations in Gaza Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Head of the International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza Zaher Birawi said: “The boat is in good condition. It will arrive in Gaza in about six hours if it isn’t intercepted by the Zionist occupier.”

According to assessments, the boat will approach Gaza in the evening hours (Israeli time) while other boats are expected to do the same in the coming days. Al Jazeera reported this morning that a boat that departed from Barcelona in September received messages from the Israeli Navy warning it not to approach the coast. However, the IDF dismissed the reports and said that the Israeli Navy has had no contact with the boat.

The preparations in Gaza for the boat’s arrival have already begun. Palestinians are gathering on the beach with balloons and signs in order to welcome the women.

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