Poll: 48% of Israelis don’t believe there’s an ‘obsessive and unprecedented hunt’ against Netanyahu

A day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s asserted that the media is carrying out an “obsessive and unprecedented hunt” against him and his family, a poll revealed that 48% of Israelis are not buying his claim.
The Netanyahu couple, last night Photo Credit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Amid the serious allegations against him, thousands of people attended last night’s support rally for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. During the event, Netanyahu delivered a speech and accused the Israeli left-wing and the media of carrying out an “obsessive and unprecedented hunt” against him and his family. In light of Netanyahu’s claim and at the request of Channel 2 News, the Midgam Consulting and Research Navigation firm checked what the Israeli public believes.

The first question the respondents were asked was whether they agree with Netanyahu’s claim that the media is carrying out a campaign in order to topple him. 48% of them said that they do not agree with this claim while 42% agreed.

The respondents were also asked whether they believe that the investigations into Netanyahu should be postponed until he is no longer the prime minister. 15% said that they should be postponed while the majority (72%) said that he should be investigated now even though he is currently serving as the prime minister.

Tel Aviv, last night Photo Credit: Itamar Ninmar/Channel 2 News

“They want to topple not only [me], they want to topple everyone...they know they cannot beat us at the voting stations, so they try to attack democracy and topple us without elections,” Netanyahu told his supporters last night. “They know that we win time after time in the elections because we brought the State of Israel to its best situation in its history.”

Netanyahu dubbed the media in Israel “fake news.” Referring to the allegations against him, Netanyahu said that the “media and the left create an endless number of affairs, articles and headlines so that maybe something will catch on- if not submarines, cigars; if not cigars, talks with a publisher; if not Case 1,000, then Case 2,000.”

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