Poll: 53% of Israelis unsatisfied with PM Netanyahu

According to an Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University poll, more than half of the Israeli public are unsatisfied with the Prime Minister’s performance.
What do Israelis think of Netanyahu? Photo Credit: Kobi Gidon/Israeli Government Press Office/Channel 2 News

The Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University’s Peace Index that was published yesterday (Tuesday) reveals that while a majority of the Israeli public are satisfied with their country’s defense and economic situations, more than half of Israelis are unsatisfied with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s job performance.

By means of the Midgam Research Institute, the monthly Peace Index examined the Israeli public’s beliefs in the last week of February regarding the country’s most heated subjects. From the Azaria trial to political developments, the poll also asked for Israelis’ opinions regarding where the country stands two years after the election. The poll was conducted via internet and telephone among a representative sample of 600 people, 100 of whom were Arab.

The final report reveals that most Israelis believe that Israel’s situation within the domains of security (62%), economy (58%) and medicine (63.5%) is good. However, in the domains of foreign relations (55%), education (62%) and social responsibility and concern for the weak (72%), most of the Israeli public expressed a dissatisfaction with the government’s performance.

Despite some promising data, Israeli politicians were granted less favorable data: 53% of the Israeli public are unsatisfied with the job performance of Israeli Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman was voted as “good” or “very good”  by 45.2% of the public while 43.6% of the public gave him a low score.

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