Agriculture Ministry: Shifts at Ben Gurion Airport are necessary on weekends

After Channel 2 News exposed that Agriculture Ministry employees also work on Saturdays, Minister Uri Ariel said that he will cancel the unnecessary shifts at Ben Gurion Airport. However, an official from the Agriculture Ministry told Channel 2 Online that this change would be impossible.
Photo Credit: Moshe Shai, Itzhak Harri (Flash 90)/Channel 2 News

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel is one of the politicians who spoke out harshly against the construction work that was done in Tel Aviv on Saturday. However, Channel 2 News discovered that Agriculture Ministry employees work on Saturdays on a regular basis. While Ariel said in response that he will demand that the unnecessary shifts at Ben Gurion Airport be canceled, an official from the Agriculture Ministry clarified that this would be impossible.

“As long as there are flights on Saturdays and people can try to smuggle animals and plant and animal products that are illegal to import, there needs to be supervision,” said an official from the Agriculture Ministry last night (Tuesday). “Only if all the flights on Saturdays will be canceled, it will be possible to cancel the inspectors’ shifts.”

The source added that if the inspectors’ shifts on Saturdays are canceled, their salaries will be lower and the inspectors’ livelihood will suffer.

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