Netanyahu asks ministers to refrain from making comments on Iran, nuclear weapons archive

Two days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled classified information about the Iranian nuclear program, he asked the government ministers to not make public statements about the Iranian issue and the announcement he made. Netanyahu was criticized by some ministers about the way he prepared for the speech and the urgent briefing they received about it.
Netanyahu Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash 90

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed the government ministers to refrain from making statements about Iran and the details that the Mossad uncovered about Tehran’s nuclear weapons program.

Before the documents from the Iranian nuclear program were made public on Monday, Israel’s security cabinet ministers convened for an urgent meeting in the HaKiryah base in Tel Aviv. The ministers were not told why the meeting was called, but they assumed it would be about the Syrian or Iranian issue. Instead, Netanyahu briefed them about the announcement he was going to make in the evening. Although most of them publicly supported Netanyahu’s speech, there were some that criticized the series of events and said that the meeting was embarrassing.

“The prime minister used us as a decoration in a rigorous PR campaign that was planned in advance,” some of the security cabinet ministers claimed. “The discussion was hastily scheduled on a tight schedule. There was no chance to put forward an alternative, disagree with the following course of action.” The ministers added that “the cabinet is unified with everything that has to do with the Iranian threat, but it felt like they called us urgently just to neutralize criticism and build up suspense.”

Yesterday, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that Israel cannot allow itself to ignore the threats from Iran. “I’ve said in the past that Israel has three problems: Iran, Iran and Iran. Today, I can add that Israel has four problems: Iran, Iran, Iran and the hypocrisy.” Liberman clarified that Israel will continue to do what it must to counter the Iranian threat.

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