Amona residents ascend Temple Mount to pray

This morning, Amona residents ascended the Temple Mount in order to pray for a solution as voting for the Regulation Law was postponed until the beginning of next week following differences in opinion regarding the issue. The Students for the Temple Mount movement initiated the ascent.
Amona residents at the Temple Mount Photo Credit: Arnon Segel/Channel 2 News

This morning (Thursday), dozens of Amona residents ascended the Temple Mount in order to pray for their settlement’s rescue. Supporters accompanied the residents, such as Students for the Temple Mount members who initiated the Temple Mount ascent.

Yesterday, the Israeli Security Cabinet decided to postpone voting until Monday for the Regulation Law that seeks to retroactively legalize construction on private Palestinian property. Voting was supposed to be conducted yesterday, however, it seems that the postponement resulted from several Israeli government members opposing the law and the attempt to formulate an alternative solution for the settlement residents.

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