Amona residents claim Netanyahu is violating deal, warn they may renew protests

Just over a month prior to the date set by the Supreme Court as the deadline for the evacuation of the illegal outpost, its residents are claiming that the plan to build alternate homes for them isn't being implemented.
Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The residents of Amona, an illegal outpost in the West Bank set to be evacuated by next month, have issued a letter of warning to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that if the state fails to meet its commitment to provide them with alternative housing solutions, they may "reconsider" their own commitment to a peaceful, non-violent evacuation.

The residents are claiming that the funding source for building the new homes has not been established yet, to their knowledge. "Agreements should be respected," they wrote. "We call on you now, 32 days prior to the court's deadline – exercise your authority, remove the bureaucratic constraints."

"In a few days' time, we will have reached a point of no return, and carrying out the deal will be technically impossible," they added. "We will not accept a reality in which we are being misled."

"If the homes are ultimately not built, and the state does not live up to its commitment, we Amona residents will be forced to reconsider our own approach," the residents concluded.

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