Amona residents respond to Supreme Court decision: "We will stand as a fortified wall"

After the Israeli Supreme Court refused to postpone the outpost's evacuation, the residents assembled for an emergency meeting. The Amona public campaign head spoke out against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "We are looking you in the eyes, complete the legislation for the Regulation Law as soon as possible."
Amona residents protesting Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The members of Amona public campaign gathered tonight for an emergency meeting to discuss the Supreme Court ruling not to postpone the evacuation of the outpost, which is scheduled for December 25. As reported by JOL earlier, the Supreme Court ruled against delaying the evacuation by seven months this afternoon.

"The only way to take care of us is to let us stay in our homes," said Amona public campaign chairman Avichai Boaron. "The only way that we will stay in our homes is through the completion of the legislation of the Regulation Law."

"The responsibility is first and foremost yours (Netanyahu) and only after that is it your ministers'," said Boaron. "If you'll stand by your mission, we will all stand by you and salute you. If you won't and you fail to regulate the lives of Amona's residents and their children, we will stand here with thousands as a fortified wall."

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