Likud: Bennett again sides the left-wing

After Ha-Bayit Ha-Yehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett responded to the claim that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is interested in shutting down the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation because it is full of religious Zionists, the Likud responded by saying that Bennett is doing so for his own personal benefit.
Netanyahu and Bennett Photo Credit: Haim Hornstein/Channel 2 News

Once more, there are back and forth allegations between Ha-Bayit Ha-Yehudi and the Likud after Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett addressed claims regarding Netanyahu’s interest in closing the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation due to it being full of religious Zionist reporters critical of the Likud. In light of Bennett’s comments, the Likud fired back.

The Likud responded after Bennett said in an interview with Army Radio: “I am sorry that there are those who think that if someone has a knitted kippah on his head then he is not allowed to work in the media. This is inappropriate.”

The Likud decided to attack Bennett personally and claimed he once again has sided with the left-wing. “We are sorry that there is someone who chooses again and again to side with the left-wing and centrist elements in the media for his own personal gain,” the party responded.

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