Despite prior opposition, Bennett supports decision to remove the Temple Mount metal detectors

A few days after the Israeli government decided to remove the newly installed metal detectors from the Temple Mount, Israeli Minister of Education rallies support for the decision, calls for a "united front" against terrorism and points a blaming finger at the Arab Israeli Knesset Members for supposedly fanning the flames.
Bennett in support of Netanyahu Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel, Flash90/Channel 2 News

Two days after the metal detectors were removed from the entrances to the Temple Mount and the harsh public criticism that followed, Chairman of Ha-Bayit Ha-Yehudi and Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett stood at the prime minister’s side and expressed support for his decision: "It is no secret that I led the resistance against removing the security measures on the Temple Mount, but at this time, I support the prime minister and the entire government,” Bennett said while speaking at the Knesset.

During a debate over a bill regarding the supervision of child day cares, the minister attacked Arab Knesset members for what he calls an attempt to ignite the tensions surrounding the Temple Mount. "For the past 10 days, we have witnessed deliberate and intentional attempts by both Palestinian and Israeli Arabs to fan the flames," Bennett said. "You, the Arab MKs are praying for escalation and fire.”

Bennett continued: "The Temple Mount is open, anyone who wants to, can pray. Why don’t you tell the public the truth? The State of Israel maintains security, without any attempt to change anything. So why do you go to demonstrations? Blood is spilled and you remain silent. You see, you can go up to the Temple Mount just to show 'Here I am on the Temple Mount' - but you prefer to twiddle your thumbs while facing a crisis."

Israel decided to remove the controversial metal detectors Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Later, the minister pointed an accusing finger at the entire Israeli Opposition and hintingly attacked the Labor Party, which at the peak of the tensions’ decided to submit a motion of no-confidence against the government. "I have heard over the past few days people saying, 'We would do it better, the government doesn’t know how to manage' - that's not true," Bennett claimed. "The opposition isn’t official nor supportive.”

According to Bennett, we should stop analyzing and attempting to understand what creates terrorism, and instead, fight it. "There are no two sides whose plight needs to be understood: There are good men and murders.” Bennett declared. “There are the correct ones and the terrorists. Pick a side: a war on terrorism must be conducted on a united front, unequivocally and determined."

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