Israeli Coalition Chairman threatens Finance Minister’s tax relief program

While Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon presented a tax relief program, Coalition Chairman David Bitan claimed: ‘We will not pass laws until the problem of the disabled is taken care of.’
Bitan and Kahlon Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Shortly after Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon presented his tax relief program for families, it appears not everyone supports the new budget. This evening (Tuesday), Coalition Chairman David Bitan attacked Kahlon’s decision to pass a budget that will subsidize day care while the problem of disability allowances has yet to be solved. “The treatment (of disabled persons) is not good enough,” Bitan stated. “I announced that the Knesset will not promote budgetary transfers.”

“It’s interesting that the Finance Ministry has a billion shekels to give day cares every year but not for the disabled,” Bitan continued. “The allowances must be increased in such a way that the disabled can live in dignity.” He added that most likely, there is no coordination between members of the coalition- as the new program shows.

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