PM to convene coalition to discuss housing solution for settlement evacuees

The coalition is expected to meet next week to discuss the construction of new homes for the residents of the Netiv HaAvot settlement, two weeks before its planned evacuation.
Tractors arrive in Netiv HaAvot on February 8, 2018 Photo credit: Gershon Elinson, Flash 90

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will convene his coalition next week in an effort to find a housing solution for families slated to be evacuated from a Gush Etzion settlement.

Netanyahu is expected to request the approval of a $15-20 million budget for the purpose of building new homes for the residents of Netiv HaAvot, a small settlement consisting of 17 homes which the Israeli Supreme Court has deemed illegal.

Israeli security forces have already been deployed in the area ahead of the evacuation, scheduled to take place in two weeks. In accordance with the Supreme Court's ruling, Israel has agreed to evacuate the settlement by March.

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