Culture Minister Regev leaves film awards venue during performance of poem by Palestinian poet

"I have no tolerance for Darwish and to anyone else who wants to annihilate my people and my country," Regev later wrote on Facebook.
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The annual Ophir Awards ceremony – the Israeli equivalent of the Oscars – was marred by controversy on Thursday after Culture Minister Miri Regev exited the hall in protest during a rap performance of a poem written by national Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.

In the poem, Darwish emphasizes his Arab identity and accuses an unnamed addressee of stealing his lands and expelling him and his family. The final part of the poem warns, "I do not hate people, nor am I an invader, but if I become hungry, the occupier's flesh will be my meal. Beware, Beware of my hunger, my rage."

Regev, who returned to her seat shortly after the performance ended, later said on stage that claims of an Israeli occupation are "a lie, and it will remain a lie even when written by a talented poet."

"At the end of the poem, he describes himself eating our flesh, the flesh of the Jewish people," she continued. "This is something that should be unacceptable to everyone."

Zionist Union MK Yoel Hasson said on Friday morning, "Regev's embarrassing act was completely scripted from beginning to end in order to create a new headline for the minister of populism."

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