The new public broadcasting agency and the IBA will not both be closed

Coalition Chairman David Bitan announced that there won’t be a situation where both bodies will be closed. “What has been invested until now in the new public broadcasting agency will be transferred to the Israeli Broadcasting Authority,” he stated.
David Bitan Photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90

Coalition Chairman David Bitan said in an interview to Channel 2 News that they will not close both the new public broadcasting agency and the Israeli Broadcasting Authority (IBA). “The new agency has failed to air,” stated Bitan.

“The new agency that was supposed to be balanced was left-wing and anti-government,” said Bitan. “IBA employees are prepared for any move towards efficiency so we can get the same result at a lower budget,” he added and clarified that all that has been invested into the new agency until now will be transferred to the IBA, thus it will not be a waste.

“I don’t have a problem that they are left-wing,” stated the head of the coalition. “But a situation has come up that they want to implement their agenda using public money.”

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