Israeli Minister Erdan says Israel has sovereignty to install any new security measure at the Temple Mount

Following last night's announcement that the Temple Mount will re-open today (Sunday), Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan stated that despite Jordan's disapproval of planned security measures, Israel has the sovereign right to make and implement any decision at the Temple Mount.
Erdan: Israel holds sovereignty over the Temple Mount Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan stated in an interview this morning (Sunday) with Israel Army Radio regarding the Temple Mount’s re-opening, that “all the entrances to the Mount will have metal detectors.” Referring to Jordan's criticism of the security measures Israel plans to implement, Erdan stated Israel has sovreignty over the site regardless of other states' opinions. 

"Today, those of the public who will arrive at the gates intended for Muslim entry to the Temple Mount will find that they are closed," explained Erdan. "The ability to reinforce and use a metal detector gate, even hand-held detectors, will only take place at some gates. However, the goal is to place metal detection gates at all entrances to the site."

Metal detector gates will be set up at the Temple Mount entrances (Archives) Photo Credit: Muammar Awad, Flash 90/Channel 2 News

In reference to previously proposed plans to install cameras on the Mount and Jordan’s resistance in response, Erdan stated that it was crucial to remember that any action taken at the temple Mount must be decided on and approved by the highest political echelon in Israel given Jordan’s direct involvement as well as that of other international elements. "In the wave of terrorism in September 2015, I instructed the police to prepare such a plan, but a decision to implement the plan was never made," Erdan added.

Erdan: Israel has right to implement any security decisions at the Temple Mount (Archives) Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 news

The minister described the complexities involved in making security decisions regarding the Temple Mount. "On Fridays and during Ramadan, tens of thousands and sometimes over 100,000 people enter in a few hours,” the minister explained. "It was suspected that it would cause lines and the metal detectors or those operating them would become the target of an attack. There is also the issue of checking women entering the Mount. The project posed many dilemmas both at the operational and political levels."

Erdan claimed during the interview that Israel is entitled to implement any decision it makes concerning the Temple Mount and does not need to take the Jordanians into account. "A decision is a decision," the minister said. "Israel holds sovereignty over the Mount, no matter what other countries’ positions are and if we decide that a certain move has a certain advantage, then it is carried out."

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