Ya'alon says Jordanians should have been involved with the decision for metal detectors

The former Israeli defense minister harshly criticized the Israeli prime minister's decision to install metal detectors without consulting regional experts or even the Jordanians, despite the pervasive sensitivity surrounding the Temple Mount.
Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon Photo Credit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90/Channel 2 News

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon appeared on Channel 2 News earlier this evening (Wednesday) and slammed the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conduct regarding the issue of metal detectors on the Temple Mount and the subsequent diplomatic crisis with Jordan. "When a fool throws a stone into a well, even 1,000 wise men won’t be able to remove it," Ya'alon said in reference to the detectors. "Netanyahu made a decision without consulting with the relevant parties."

Ya'alon criticized that after the murderous terror attack at the Temple Mount, the decision to install the metal detectors was made without coordinating or consulting the Jordanians. "President Erdogan is trying to push his way in, funding organizations and associations on the Mount," said the former defense minister. "It is precisely because of this sensitivity surrounding the decision to place metal detectors that we should have coordinated with the Jordanians, and they did not do so.”

Ya’alon also commented on the political echelon’s decision-making process and choice to ignore the Shin Bet and IDF’s recommendations. "The political echelon is allowed to reject the professional echelon’s position," Ya'alon explained, "but the decision on the metal detectors was made during a conversation with the Minister of Public Security and the Israel Police Chief. Where were the officials who understand the regional power structure? How was such a decision made within such a forum?”

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