Former Israeli PM slams Netanyahu in Facebook video

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mocked him in a video, Ehud Barak responded by drawing attention to the Netanyahu corruption investigations. "The corruption tsunami comes quicker than the diplomatic tsunami," Barak said.
Netanyahu(L), Barak (R) Photo Credit: Facebook/Channel 2 News

Former Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak knows how to push Benjamin Netanyahu's buttons. After Netanyahu mocked Barak in a video he posted on Facebook Monday, Barak fired back.

In the Facebook video, the Israeli prime minister boasted about his diplomatic achievements. As he mocked Barak's distinctive diction, Netanyahu dismissed the former prime minister's claim that Israel is isolated in the international community, asking: "Where's the [diplomatic] tsunami?" A few hours later, Barak responded by uploading a Facebook video in which he said: "Yes, Bibi, the corruption tsunami comes quicker than the diplomatic tsunami."

Barak mentioned Netanyahu's conversations with Israel Hayom editor Amos Regev: "Yesterday, it was revealed that Netanyahu has another job- he's the chief editor of Israel Hayom. He received a prohibited and corrupt present worth hundreds of millions of shekels that spreads his spins for free."

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