Settlers end protest after government signs deal on new security measures

Representatives of West Bank settlers reached a deal with the government to transfer NIS 800 million for paving bypass roads, installing streetlights and other purposes. This effectively ends the settlers' ongoing protest outside the Prime Minister's residence.
Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The government has agreed to transfer NIS 800 million for increasing the security infrastructure near West Bank settlements, thus bringing an ongoing protest to an end.

The agreement was made at the end of a late-night negotiation session between Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, and Avi Naim, the head of the Beit Aryeh settlement. Likud MK David Bitan, the chairman of the coalition, mediated the talks.

"This is a historic day," Dagan said after the agreement was signed. "After almost three weeks of demonstrating outside the Prime Minister's residence and six days of hunger striking, we were able to reach a deal that will secure the funds."

The agreement stated that NIS 200 million will be transferred immediately for paving bypass roads near settlements and NIS 800 million will be used in January 2018 for installing streetlights, cellular reception and increased bullet protection on buses.

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