Haredi ministers to meet with Netanyahu 'urgently' over Shabbat railway work

Despite rumors, they will not be demanding the dismissal of Trasport Minister Katz.
Photo credit: Reuters/Flash 90/Channel 2 News

The chairmen of the two ultra-Orthodox Knesset parties have announced they will convene an "urgent" meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the railway infrastructure work that was done last Shabbat in several stations.

A source in the United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party said on Sunday that the ministers wanted to make sure that such an occurrence doesn't repeat itself. Nevertheless, the source denied the rumors that the ministers were planning to demand the dismissal of Transport Minister Yisrael Katz, whom they blame for trying to hide the Shabbat railway work from them.

In an interview to Galei Tzahal radio, Katz defended the need for the railway work to be done on Shabbat due to public safety concerns. "I regret the stance of the ultra-Orthodox party leaders," he said. "I respect them and the public that voted for them, but it would have been wrong to move the work to the middle of the week. I'm glad they, too, were eventually convinced and realized there was no other choice."

UTJ MK Moshe Ganfi said in response there was never an agreement to do the work on Shabbat and that it could have been postponed. "I guess lying is part of Katz's job description," he added.

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