Knesset committee to discuss dismissing MK Ghattas due to security charges

After 71 MKs signed a petition calling on the Knesset House Committee to discuss the option of dismissing MK Basel Ghattas, a date for the discussion was set. The discussion will take place on March 9.
MK Basel Ghattas Photo Credit: Yair Sagi/Flash 90

Knesset House Committee head MK Yoav Kisch (Zionist Camp) announced today (Monday) that 71 MKs have signed a petition calling on the committee to discuss the possibility of dismissing MK Basel Ghattas (Joint Arab List) from the Knesset. Last month, Ghattas was charged with several serious security crimes.

“The Knesset committee headed by me will work to complete the process of dismissing Ghattas,” said Kisch. Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein (Likud) contacted Kisch and asked him to schedule the discussion after Likud Minister Ze’ev Elkin submitted the petition. According to Israeli law, the date of a discussion regarding the request to dismiss an MK needs to be announced 10 days in advance by the Knesset House Committee head.

The discussion will take place on March 9. “I call on all the Zionist Camp members to support the motion,” added Kisch. “This is not about left-wing or right-wing, it’s about protecting Israel’s security and the Knesset’s status.”

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