Israel Police strongly opposes issuing passports to new immigrants upon their arrival to Israel

The Israel Police strongly opposes MK Oded Forer’s (Yisrael Beiteinu) bill, which requests to issue passports to new immigrants upon receiving their Israeli citizenship. The main grounds for the Israel Police’s opposition is the fear that criminals from ally countries will attempt to obtain Israeli passports and bring more crime to Israel.
Israeli passport Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israeli MK Oded Forer’s (Yisrael Beiteinu) bill requests to issue Israeli passports to new immigrants upon receiving their Israeli citizenship, which occurs within the first few weeks of their arrival to Israel. The bill was strongly opposed by the Israel Police who fear that criminals around the world would take advantage of the Israeli passports.

Currently, new immigrants are required to wait a full year from their immigration date in order to receive an Israeli passport, even though they are considered Israeli citizens. Throughout that year, an evaluation takes place in order to see if the new immigrant truly chose Israel as his or her place of residence.

According to an Israel Police Investigations and Intelligence Division document, the Israel Police highly disagrees with the proposed change. “Past experience suggests that the Israeli Passport is an ‘asset’ for criminals, especially from ally nations,” read the Israel Police document.

“There is concern that criminals from those countries will again want to take advantage of the State of Israel and its national passport for improper motives,” noted the Israel Police, claiming that this has happened in the past. The Israel Police also asserted that this would harm the Israeli public’s security and “the country’s image and status in the modern world.”

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