Israel to US: Palestinians are leaking information from talks

After a high ranking member of the Palestinian Authority shared information, Israel has filed a complaint with the US saying that the Palestinians are leaking information, some false, about the peace talks

Negotiations continue to meet difficulties Photography: AP

The peace talks continue to meet difficulties: After member of the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Abed Rabu, called the peace talks “futile” last week, Israel is filing a formal complaint with the US saying that sources in the Authority are leaking classified information from the negotiations.

AP news agency reports that according to a source in Israeli government the complaint was filed after the senior Authority member spoke about the details of the talks. According to him, Israel suggested leaving tens of Jewish settlements and army bases in the West bank as part of a plan to establish a Palestinian state with temporary borders.

The Israeli source claimed that some of the information leaked was wrong or had been twisted, but refused to elaborate. When talks began, the two sides committed to American Secretary of State John Kerry that the specifics of the talks would not be spoken about publicly.  

Praised Netanyahu and Abu Mazen. Kerry Photography: AP

Meanwhile the American Secretary of State spoke about the peace talks in a joint press conference with the leader of the Arab League. Kerry praised Netanyahu and Abu Mazen for starting negotiations adding: “it is important that Israel understands that the talks are beneficial to it and that not reaching an agreement might make Israel’s situation worse” he said and mentioned the different boycotts of Israel around the world.

Qatar and the Arab League’s Foreign Minister, Haled El-Atiya, also spoke about the renewal of the talks. “There are a few obstacles standing in the way of the peace process, like the settlements” he said.  

Abed Rabu: “the negotiations are ‘sterile’ and will not lead to any results”

Last week Yasser Abed Rabu, a leading member of the Palestinian and advisor to Abu Mazen, remarked pessimistically that the negotiations with Israel are “sterile and will not lead to any results”.

Pessimism on the Palestinian side. Abu Mazen Photography: AP

“I do not expect any progress unless great American pressure is applied, like the pressure we see on their part on the Syrian issue” said Abed Rabu, one of the two in charge of the negotiations on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, in an interview to “Palestine’s voice” radio station.

Abed Rabu stressed that the continuation of the development in the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem is undermining the efforts to reach an agreement. “Israel did not guarantee to stop building in the settlements and we see this policy as destructive to any chance of reaching an agreement”.

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