2 Israeli companies fined for attempting to sell weapons to Beijing

Two Israeli defense firms were fined half a million NIS for attempting to sell weapons to China’s government without the Defense Ministry’s permission. The deal was halted due to concerns that such an arms sale to China would lead to a major crisis between Jerusalem and Washington.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chinese President Xi Jinping Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israeli Defense Ministry recently put a stop to an arms deal between Israeli companies and China, which would most likely have led to a crisis between Jerusalem and Washington had the agreement been signed. The deal was being discussed for several months without the approval of the ministry. When the news of the emerging deal reached the ministry, the companies were fined half a million NIS.

A few months ago, two Israeli defense companies contacted Chinese government officials in order to sell them weapons. A Chinese delegation even traveled to Israel in order to view the weapons the companies were offering.

While the nullification of the deal has created some tensions between Jerusalem and Beijing, it has apparently prevented a major crisis with the US government. About a decade ago, Israeli defense companies were forbidden from selling weapons to China after some firms sold parts of UAVs to the country. The deal was eventually canceled due to extreme pressure from Washington.

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