Israeli Finance Minister explains early election campaign billboards

Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon responded to the election campaign billboards that have been put up throughout the country and claimed that they were a simple response to threats made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Kahlon and Netanyahu Photo credit: Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

Today (Tuesday), Israeli Finance Minister and Kulanu party Chairman Moshe Kahlon spoke at the Herzliya Conference and responded to claims that he is preparing for the next election.

Over the past several weeks, Kulanu billboards have been put up across the country and raised many questions as they looked like an early election campaign. According to sources close to him, Kahlon told them that they must be prepared for an election at any given moment.

“The Prime Minister said that there will be an election if the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) wouldn’t be split up- so I ordered billboards,” Kahlon joked. “Suddenly I found myself almost in an election because of the question of who will be the editor of the cooking program in the IBC.”

“There is no chance that I will return to the Likud,” he added. “Kulanu is an independent party. I am not owned by anyone in the next election.”

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