Netanyahu eulogizes Peres: “One of our greatest leaders”

The Israeli government met this morning for a special session in memory of Shimon Peres. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu eulogized the former president and prime minister: “Shimon Peres, one of our greatest leaders, left behind a long path of unique achievements.”
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The Israeli government convened this morning (Wednesday) for a session of mourning in memory of Israel’s 9th President and former Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Peres passed away early this morning at the age of 93. Netanyahu and the other members of the Israeli government began the session with a moment of silence in honor of Peres’ memory. Peres’ picture was placed in the room where he sat numerous times over the years as prime minister and minister.

“This is the State of Israel’s first day without the late Shimon Peres,” said Netanyahu. “Shimon Peres, one of our greatest leaders, left behind a long path of unique achievements. In the name of the entire Jewish nation, in the name of all Israeli citizens and in the name of the Israeli government, I send deep condolences to Shimon’s family.”

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“He made an undeniable contribution to our increased security strength in the public sphere as well as in the domains where things are best kept quiet,” continued Netanyahu. “One of the highest points of his life was the success of the operation to rescue the Israeli hostages in Entebbe. As defense minister, he played a central role in the decision to send our pilots and soldiers to the heart of Africa. At the same time, Shimon Peres did not cease to pursue peace and believe in peace. His hand was always outstretched towards a historic reconciliation with our neighbors and even if this reconciliation seems difficult, he taught us not to give into despair.”

Netanyahu canceled his participation in all his scheduled events for today including a reception for the 2016 Israeli Paralympic team. Education Minister Naftali Bennett said during the special government session: “I feel like an orphan. We lost a great Jew.”

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