Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked: Failure to move US Embassy “a missed opportunity”

Shaked claimed that “someone influenced Trump’s government” to delay moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem: “A great loss.” And what does she think of Netanyahu’s ultimatum to the German Foreign Minister?
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In an interview with Channel 2’s Meet the Press, Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked related to the American deal according to which Washington, DC would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city in exchange for the implementation of a two-state solution and she said that it was a lost cause: “I think that such an idea is hopeless. It’s a pity for them to waste their time to come to the Middle East and to try and reach an agreement when the gaps between the Palestinians and Israelis are too big.”

According to Shaked, Trump has so far not implemented his electoral promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem due to various pressures that have been exerted upon the Trump administration: “I thought there was a great historic opportunity here to think outside the box, to exit this track of Palestinian statehood as it was discussed up to this day and to change direction but that did not happen. I think that there was a great historic opportunity here that was missed. It’s a great loss.”

In the continuation of the interview, Shaked justified the ultimatum that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave to the German Foreign Minister, according to which the Prime Minister would not meet with anyone who met with radical leftist groups: “The problem with Breaking the Silence is that they don’t operate in the State of Israel, and don’t really care about investigating and improving the behavior of IDF soldiers.”

“The Breaking the Silence organization takes material and usually distorts it, makes generalizations or shows half-truths,” she stated. “It presents this abroad and gives fuel to the BDS Movement by slandering IDF soldiers. We don’t have to tolerate it or agree with it.”

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