Israeli MK Oren Hazan to face off with Jordanian lawmaker after fight on social media

A tweet uploaded by MK Oren Hazan enraged many in Jordan, including a lawmaker who replied to him on Twitter, inviting him to a “duel” at the Allenby Bridge border crossing. Hazan accepted the unusual invitation even though Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Yoav Horowitz told him not to do so.
Al-Saud (left), Hazan (right) Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90/Facebook/Channel 2 News

The exchange of harsh words between MK Oren Hazan and Jordanian lawmaker Yahya Mohammad al-Saud will peak this morning (Wednesday) when the two meet along the border of the two countries at the Allenby Bridge border crossing for a “duel,” which the two arranged.

The story between the two began on Sunday, when the Likud MK criticized the Jordanians amid the incident involving an Israeli security guard who shot and killed two Jordanians in Amman. “It appears that our neighbors from the east, Jordan, those to whom we are giving water and saving their butts day and night, need to be re-educated,” Hazan wrote on Twitter.

Hazan getting ready for the meeting Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

The tweet enraged many Jordanians including al-Saud, who replied to Hazan: “If he’s a hero, he should come meet me on Allenby Bridge.” Al-Saud also called on his supporters to gather this morning in Amman before heading to the bridge.

Hazan agreed to the meeting. “I accept the Jordanian parliament member’s invitation to meet on the bridge,” Hazan wrote. “Tomorrow at 10 in the morning, I will arrive at the Allenby Bridge for a face-to-face conversation. I have an offer that he cannot refuse.”

However, it was feared that this meeting would be canceled after it was reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Yoav Horowitz called Hazan and instructed him not to go to the crossing. Nevertheless, Hazan posted a picture of him getting a haircut this morning with the caption: “Getting ready for the meeting with the Jordanian parliament representative. My face is looking toward peace.”

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