Defense Minister Lieberman says Israel, Palestinians 'closer than ever' to peace deal

In an interview for Channel 2 News, Lieberman claimed the conditions for a successful negotiation have never been better, adding that PM Benjamin Netanyahu was making "big efforts" to promote it.
Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has said the country is "closer than ever" to reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

In an interview for Channel 2 News' Saturday edition, Lieberman said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been making "big efforts" to promote a deal.

Lieberman also addressed the ongoing crisis between Qatar and the Gulf States, saying that moderate Arab countries "have understood that Israel isn't the problem. Israel can actually be a solution."

When asked whether certain factions within Netanyahu's coalition might thwart an agreement, Lieberman said, "If a deal is put together that includes an arrangement with moderate Arab countries, embassies, trade deals, direct flights, I assume it will receive an overwhelming majority both in the Knesset and among the Israeli people."

The full interview with Defense Minister Lieberman will air Saturday at 8 p.m. Israel time on Channel 2.

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