Lieberman slams Israeli settlement leadership over illegal construction

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman slammed the Israeli settlement leadership for causing immense damage to settlements with illegal construction. “Any construction of this sort damages the settlement, nothing less than that” Lieberman said.
Lieberman slams settlement leaders Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman held a press conference today (Tuesday) in which he set clear boundaries about maintaining settlement interests, but didn’t not hesitate attacking the West Bank settlement leadership’s actions. In his statement, Lieberman tried to appear as someone who solely acts based on practical considerations.

Lieberman rejected settlement officials’ accusations, according to which he is not advancing construction as expected however, he claimed that compared to his past 17 years in office, there has been a clear increase. “I made clear to the Americans that we will assemble the Supreme Planning Council four times a year in order to approve programs and advance building plans according to the settlement’s needs and the obvious reality on the ground,” Lieberman stated.

“We presented them with the outline, according to which we operate when we come to approve a plan. We do not update them regarding every plan before we approve it,” Lieberman continued. “The current government, unlike its predecessor, doesn’t turn situations into a diplomatic incident when it doesn’t like certain decisions.”

However, he also criticized the illegal construction that several factions are attempting to lead within the West Bank, calling it “partisan construction”. According to Lieberman, “Any construction of this sort damages the settlement, nothing less than that. There’s no need to do anything secretly – everything needs to be out on the table. This is the policy that I am leading and it’s a policy that I’ve declared before the Americans, as well. There won’t be any surprises, but there also won’t be anything beyond what we approve based on broad discretion.”  

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