Likud activists voice opposition about unity government with Zionist Camp

Despite the fact that Zionist Camp leader Isaac Herzog dismissed the claims about his party entering the coalition, Likud activists are still upset with the reports. Some of the activists are even demanding that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarify in a statement that a unity government with the Zionist Camp will not be established.
Likud meeting Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Tuesday), it was reported that there has been significant progress in the unity government negotiations between the Likud and Zionist Camp. Despite the fact that Zionist Camp leader Isaac Herzog dismissed the reports in an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News, Likud activists are still furious about the process and the possible progress. Most of the Likud activists are opposed to the process, which they claim will cause the ruling party to collapse. Some of them are demanding that Netanyahu make it clear that a unity government with Herzog will not be established.

In a WhatsApp group of Likud activists, the members found it hard to accept the news about the formation of a unity government. “Bibi doesn’t want a unity government,” claimed one member, referring to Netanyahu by his nickname. “He will not allow those who betrayed the country to enter the government.”

Another member quickly replied: “Herzog is not a traitor. It’s inappropriate to make these allegations.” A third member of the Likud activists’ WhatsApp group wrote: “Yes, this is good for the country and Bibi does what is good for Israel. Don’t worry, we will continue to manage the country. Herzog is okay, he is a Zionist and patriot but Shelly Yachimovich and her friends need to be excluded.”

In another WhatsApp group of Likud activists, a member wrote: “The left-wing supporters are celebrating on Twitter that Miri Regev will no longer be the minister of sport and culture, that’s the only thing they are concerned about.”

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