Likud officials: “Netanyahu will most likely dismiss Katz”

Tonight, senior level Likud officials have estimated that at the end of the current railway crisis, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will most likely decide to dismiss Israel’s Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz from his position. Earlier, Netanyahu said to his associates: “Katz is holding passengers and soldiers hostage.”
Is Yisrael Katz on the verge of being dismissed? Photo Credit: Ohad Zwigenberg/Channel 2 News

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz continue throwing accusations at each other concerning the crisis about railway work on the Sabbath, this evening (Saturday) Likud sources said that the threat to dismiss Katz is definitely being laid out on the table. “Katz will most likely be dismissed at the end of the crisis,” senior level Likud sources estimated.

Despite discussions regarding Katz’s potential dismissal, Likud Knesset members attempted to calm the situation down today and called upon Netanyahu not to make hasty decisions. “Yisrael Katz is doing great work. On the matter of the Israel Railways construction, he has acted in an official manner, according to the law and in favor of the State of Israel’s general public,” said Israeli Social Affairs and Social Services Minister Haim Katz, calling upon Netanyahu to not even consider dismissing the Transportation Minister.

The confrontations between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz worsened as a result of Netanyahu’s decision to cancel all railway work that had been planned for the Sabbath. During conversations with his associates, Netanyahu placed the full blame on Transportation Minister Katz and said: “This is an unnecessary crisis conceived by [Israeli Transportation] Minister Yisrael Katz aimed at undermining the relations between the [Israeli] Prime Minister and the Haredi public. Alternatively, it is aimed at harming the [Israeli] Prime Minister’s reputation among the general public.”

In wake of postponing the construction until after the Sabbath, the rail service for the Haifa-Tel Aviv line will not be working until 7:00 PM Sunday.

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