A Likud program to eliminate the Israel Broadcasting Corporation

In the background of the coalition crisis surrounding the operation of the Israel Broadcasting Corporation, Coalition Chairman David Biton initiated two initiatives that are designed to restrict and to even close down the Israel Broadcasting Corporation. Meanwhile, Bennett is trying to bridge the gap between Netanyahu and Kahlon.
Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash 90

If the crisis surrounding the Israel Broadcasting Corporation won’t end with elections next month, the Likud already has an alternative plan to eliminate it. Coalition Chairman David Biton is expected soon to initiate two pieces of legislation that will end the way in which the new public broadcasting authority was established.

According to the first bill, the budget will be cut by 50%, which amounts to an over 400 million NIS cut. Biton hopes to recruit Minister Moshe Kahlon to this initiative.

The second proposal seeks a complete closure of the corporation. Both initiatives are awaiting a suitable opportunity in order to be advanced. When Biton was asked if he was ready for there not to be public broadcasting at all, he replied: “That is certainly an option.”

Meanwhile, there is great pressure from within coalition for Netanyahu to end the crisis. In recent hours, Minister Naftali Bennett formulated a formula that might permit both sides to get down from the tree.

Bennett suggested to open up a corporation like the one Kahlon demanded but to legislate stricter control than what exists today. There is great pressure upon Netanyahu from the Israeli right wing not to go to elections over the Israel Broadcasting Corporation.


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