Haredi protesters: "This is a spiritual holocaust; We will not take part in this government of heretics"

Haredis and Litvak-Yerushalmi ultra-Orthodox Jews united as thousands marched against the new IDF policy to recruit yeshiva students. Concerns regarding riots and roads being blocked arose at the end of the demonstration.
Thousands of Haredim protest in Jerusalem Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The wave of demonstrations and roadblocks organized by those opposing the arrests of IDF draft-dodgers and the induction of yeshiva students has reached its climax this evening. A large and illegal rally, attended by thousands of extremist ultra-Orthodox protesters took place today (Tuesday) in Jerusalem.

The protesters placed barriers in the middle of a busy street and the police attempted to contain the demonstration. The protest was held by two major ultra-Orthodox factions that decided to join forces: the Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach’s Jerusalem faction, who is a leader that opposes enlistment, joined together with members of the Haredi community in Jerusalem who boycott Israeli elections.

Huge protest in Jerusalem Photo credit: Flash 90, Yonatan Sandal/ Channel 2 News

The IDF said that they "consider this severe and condemn any attempt to refuse." The army added that "statements calling to divide us and those that offend people's dignity are statements that must be opposed, condemned and everything must be done to protect the State of Israel."

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