Metal detectors will remain in place until security cabinet discussion

The Israel Police installed new security cameras at the entrances to the Temple Mount last night but the additional changes in the security measures at the holy site will not be implemented before the security cabinet meets tonight in order to discuss them. Meanwhile, 25 Hamas members were arrested in the West Bank by Israeli security forces.

Watch: IDF forces arrest wanted Palestinians in West Bank

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At the end of the special discussion that was held late Saturday night by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it was decided that the implementation of the changes in the security measures at the Temple Mount will be postponed until the security cabinet meets on Sunday evening. However, the Israel Police installed new cameras at the entrances to the holy site last night (Saturday). Meanwhile, Israeli security forces in the West Bank arrested 29 wanted Palestinians including senior Hamas members.

It was also decided that due to the explosive situation near the Temple Mount, the Israel Police will continue to operate in Jerusalem and increase its presence in the Old City. Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan told Army Radio this morning that there were no warnings prior to the escalation in violence at the Temple Mount. “No [security] agency warned about the scenarios that ultimately took place on the ground,” he said.

The new security cameras Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Meanwhile, Shin Bet and IDF forces carried out a large-scale wave of arrests in the West Bank area, taking into custody 25 Hamas members. A total of 29 wanted Palestinians were arrested. The arrests are part of the Israeli security establishment’s increased operations in the West Bank, which are aimed at preventing additional terror attacks from taking place.

JOL News reported last night that Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Major General Yoav Mordechai was interviewed on Al-Jazeera. During his interview, he said that Israel is “ready to examine security alternatives that will prevent the next terror attack” but only to the extent that those alternatives will ensure public safety. Mordechai made it clear that there has been no change in the status quo at the Temple Mount.

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