Simcha Goldin, father of missing IDF soldier, sharply attacks Lieberman

Prof. Simcha Goldin said the Defense Minister had openly admitted that the chances of returning his son's body from Gaza were low.
Leah and Simcha Goldin Photo credit: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90/Channel 2 News

The family of IDF officer Hadar Goldin, whose body has been held by Hamas since Operation Protective Edge in 2014, held a memorial service on Friday marking three years since Hadar's passing. His father, Prof. Simcha Goldin, criticized the government for failing to bring his son's body back to Israel.

Goldin was particularly critical of Defense Minister Avidgor Lieberman, mentioning a radio interview from a few months ago in which Lieberman suggested that the chances of returning the bodies of missing IDF soldiers were low.

Lieberman said in the interview that the fate of Hadar's body was likely to be similar to the fate of Eli Cohen, an Israeli man sentenced to death in Syria in 1965 for espionage.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

"Two days after the last Memorial Day, Lieberman told us, as well as the Shaul family and the parents of all the soldiers risking their lives at this very moment, that our sons will have to wait just like Eli Cohen is still waiting," Goldin said. "He is putting us through 50 years of nightmares."

"Lieberman must know that when he actively opposes putting pressure on Hamas or reaching an agreement, he goes against the values that make up our people's army," Goldin added.

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