MK Eichler condemned Supreme Court after ruling permitting Tel Aviv businesses to stay open on Shabbat

After last night Deri appealed to the Attorney General following the Supreme Court’s decision to open supermarkets on Shabbat in Tel Aviv, the Haredi political parties are continuing their struggle to protect religious Jewish workers.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A day after the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that businesses can open on Shabbat in Tel Aviv, the Haredi political parties in the coalition are outraged. Today, there are already those who threaten that if the Israeli government does not work to overrule the ruling, they will dissolve the Israeli government.

The Haredi parties are already working in the Knesset to overrule the ruling. “There is no choice but to advance a law to bypass the Supreme Court,” Israeli Health Minister Yaakov Litzman stated. “The court has become omnipotent and tramples on the Knesset.”

“Supreme Court judges are dictators,” MK Yisrael Eichler proclaimed. A source in United Torah Judaism stated that Shabbat is not an issue that they are willing to compromise on and it does not matter what is written in the coalition agreements.  The source claimed that the matter will end quickly and all of the coalition partners will go with them: “We voted more than once with this government on things we don’t believe in. Now, it’s our turn. Shabbat is no less important than taxation on a third apartment or the Israel Broadcasting Association.”

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