MK Yehuda Glick visits Temple Mount as part of pilot program

As part of the pilot program allowing MKs to visit the holy site, Yehuda Glick and Shuli Mualem arrived at the Temple Mount. Reporters were banned from covering the MKs' visit from within the compound. Peace Now activists gathered outside the holy site in order to protest the lawmakers' presence.

Watch: Glick visits the Temple Mount amid Peace Now protest

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MK Yehuda Glick (Likud), accompanied by police officers and security guards, ascended the Temple Mount Tuesday morning as part of the pilot program that the Israeli prime minister and Israel Police approved last week. MK Shuli Mualem (Ha-Bayit Ha-Yehudi) also visited the holy site. Reporters were prohibited from entering the compound due to concerns that their presence would provoke the Muslims at the scene. Several Peace Now activists gathered near the compound in order to protest the MKs' visit.

The Peace Now activists held up a sign that read: "Crazies, leave the Mount! Your pilot is putting us all at risk." The activists also chanted slogans criticizing Netanyahu's decision.

Mualem (L), Glick (R) Photo Credit: Ir Amim/Aviv Tatarsky/Arnon Segel/Channel 2 News

"The Temple Mount is the most explosive place in the Middle East and it's a shame that the MKs are turning it into a scene of protests and provocations," the Peace Now organization said in a statement. "If Netanyahu were a reasonable and responsible leader, he would not have given in to the pressures and allow this pilot to take place but it appears that he is deep in investigations and not capable of standing up to a pair of provocateurs from the back row. He is not qualified to hold his position."

Today is the first time that Israeli lawmakers have been allowed to visit the Temple Mount since November 2015. However, several MKs stated yesterday that they will not take part in the pilot, which still prohibits ministers from visiting the holy site.

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