Likud MK, Joint Arab List MK debate Netanyahu’s video via WhatsApp

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was harshly criticized for the video in which he claimed that the Palestinians are calling for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the West Bank, two MKs from the opposite sides of the political spectrum debated the subject via WhatsApp.

Netanyahu's controversial video

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After a video recently released by Netanyahu sparked a storm, two MKs from different sides of the political spectrum, Miki Zohar from the Likud and Ahmad Tibi from the Joint Arab List, debated via WhatsApp the Prime Minister’s claims. During the debate, Zohar said that there is no occupation and that the Palestinians will never have a state while Tibi warned that in a binational state, he would be the prime minister, not Netanyahu.

Zohar started the WhatsApp debate by saying: “Netanyahu said the exact truth just as the simple reality shows us all. No one in the world can prevent a Jew from building in his land.” In response, Tibi said: “The world operates in accordance with international law in which there is one simple rule: occupation is forbidden in accordance with the international discourse. Putting settlers in the occupied land is considered a war crime in accordance with the same law.”

Zohar replied: “I have no idea what occupation you are talking about. A nation cannot be an occupier in its land…International law cannot limit a country from building in its territory even if [the international community] really wants to set false facts like the existence of a Palestinian nation or its right to a country.”

“So you are saying that there is no Palestinian nation?” answered Tibi. “The Palestinians are UFOs?” Zohar replied that Palestinians are residents of Israel.

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