Netanyahu apologizes for allegedly comparing Azaria’s family to bereaved families

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarified this morning that he did not compare the family of IDF soldier Elor Azaria, who is standing trial for manslaughter after he shot a neutralized terrorist in Hebron, and bereaved families of fallen or missing soldiers: “I’m sorry if my statements were misconceived.”
Netanyahu (archives) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

This morning (Sunday), Netanyahu apologized for comparing the family of IDF soldier Elor Azaria to bereaved families of fallen or missing soldiers. “I’m sorry if my statements were misconceived,” said Netanyahu today. “I absolutely did not mean to compare the suffering of bereaved families, the suffering that I know of first hand, to the situation of other parents who are in distress. There was no comparison and there cannot be any such comparison.”

Earlier this morning, the Prime Minister’s Office said: “Prime Minister Netanyahu did not compare soldier Elor Azaria to fallen soldiers.”

As reported by JOL last night, when Netanyahu was asked during an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News whether or not he called any other families of soldiers who allegedly violated IDF orders, the Israeli Prime Minister said: “I called many parents who were in distress after their sons had fallen or went missing.”

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