Netanyahu denies claims about limiting Israeli media

During a toast for the Passover holiday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation crisis and the criticism that he is trying to limit the media. “The media in Israel is free and will remain free,” said Netanyahu.
Netanyahu: “The media in Israel is free” Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90

During a toast with his office employees today (Monday), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the criticism that has been aimed towards him regarding his decision to close the news division within Israel’s public broadcasting corporation. “The media in Israel is free and will remain free,” Netanyahu stated, also blasting the media as it is today: “It doesn’t reflect the public’s feelings. There’s a gloomy industry here.”

Netanyahu spoke about television stations and newspapers which, according to him, freely criticize him. “If you turn on the channels or open the newspapers, there are usually things written about me,” Netanyahu mentioned and went on to respond to an employee who had laughed. “It’s not funny to me, but this is life in a democracy.”

Netanyahu asserted that he would like to see more competition within the media and stated that the media is not diverse enough. “I’d like there to be more competition, more diversity, more pluralism,” he said, also criticizing the media for not objectively covering reality. “While they see unemployment, I see full employment. While they see a broken economy, I see a flourishing economy.”

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